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Marketing Trends - 2019

As we roll into the new year the web is rife with marketing trend articles for 2019. I won’t try to replicate that here, but I have noticed a few repeating themes,  and some new deep dives of note. Among some of the most common themes:

My Tools - #Sunday200

Search the web and you’ll find all sorts of “My tools” blog posts. These are descriptions of the digital tools that people use in their business and personal live to keep things straight and be more productive. When using paid versions of these tools, some spend upwards of $1000 dollars a year. I’m not quite that bad, but here is list of the things that keep me organized and productive. 

Filling the Gaps; Moving Forward

After learning about on the Learn to Code With Me podcast, I anxiously jumped into the Programming for Non-Programmers course to fill the gaps in my knowledge before setting off on a code ramp-up.

Love for Open Office Space

Search Google for the term Open Office Space and you’ll find a raft of pixels trashing the concept. This recently published Chicago Tribune article posits that open-office chatter can hinder an employees concentration so much, they can’t even perform basic math, while this story from the BBC claims our lack of the ability to multi task is a direct result of open office architecture.  

Developer Interviews

(Note: These interviews were conducted as part of assignment for the online class Programming for Non-Programers at They were also incorporated into the #Sunday200 blog series.)