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Ed Justen By Ed Justen • July 9, 2018

Lessons from moving - #Sunday200

moving_againSince 2010, I’ve moved five times. Each time was a DIY move, no movers, no one to pack boxes, not one to do the heavy lifting. I’ve moved from the second floor to a ground level unit, back into a second floor unit, and from a second floor unit to a fourth floor apartment.
This week, I’ve just completed another move, from one fourth floor apartment to another fourth floor apartment just a block away. Each move has been into a unit with decreasing storage, so no matter how much we purge, we always have to purge a bit more after we start unpacking boxes. 
So what have I learned after moving five times in eight years?
  1. There is always stuff you haven’t touched for two years, but still can’t seem to toss.
  2. Compromising with your partner during a move (especially regarding “stuff”) will test both your will and negotiating skills.
  3. Prepare for more emails. The move-in discounts offered when you change your address online with USPS seem like a good idea, but you are really just opting in to more marketing emails then you can handle. Are you really going to use that 10% discount at Lowe’s, Bed Bath and Beyond, and
  4. Be prepared for sore muscles. My middle-aged legs and feet haven’t been this sore since my last Army PT test.
  5. You’ll almost need an electrical engineering degree to sort and organize cords, chargers, and such. I just spent the better part of an hour figuring out nightstand lamps, chargers and where to place the modem in the bedroom. Our new balcony makes up for a lot of that, however. 
  6. Remember why you're moving. While our new place is in a much better location with a nicer view, the apartment is not as well-engineered, and doesn’t have as many features as our previous place did.
  7. Take as much time off as you can. My partner had a whole week and still needs a couple more days.
  8. Do what you can to calm your pets. My pup started getting agitated when I started packing boxes a week before the move. 
  9. Find something you think you can sell? Don’t bother. Toss it. 
  10. If you are buying something new for your new place, wait till you are established before making that purchase. I’ve been debating new couches for nearly two months. Any one that I had “decided" on during that time would have bee totally wrong. 
I hear that you can actually pay people to move  your stuff. I hope that I can do that next time